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Commercial Vehicle Loan

The Bank provides Term loans for purchase vehicle for commercial use only like Truck, Bus, Pick-up Vans, Taxi, Tempo, Auto Rickshaw etc.


  • Any person from the operational area for the branch, preferably to a person with experience in the transport business.
  • Preference will also be given to a person with valid driving license and self employed .
  • Permit to run commercial vehicle should be in the name of borrower.


  • The Maximum limit of loan Up to Rs.25 lakhs for not more than 4 vehicles at a time.
  • Margin Money - Minimum 25% of the cost of the vehicle should be borne by the borrower. 

Repayment Period

  • Maximum 60 months for term Loan with monthly repayment system.

Rate of Interest

  • 12-13 00% per annum depending upon the quantum of loan amount on reducing balance system.

Penal Interest

  • 2.00% on the Overdue amount of over and above the normal rate of interest.


  • Hypothecation of vehicle in favour of the Bank for which lien must be marked in the RC Book and Registration with concerned RTO.
  • A Suitable third party guarantee preferably a Govt. Employee must be obtained up to Rs.5.00 lakhs only .
  • For a loan amount exceeds Rs. 5.00 Lakhs a collateral security of immovable property to the extent of 150% of loan amount based on guidance valuation must be obtained in addition of guarantee by a third party. 

Processing Fee

Not exceeding 1% of the limit sanctioned.