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Opening of Account
One or more account can be opened by a person/s with proper introduction and the account shall be opened subject to submission of KYC documents  as notified in the bank’s web-site.The following can open accounts:

  1. Individuals Account on his/her behalf.
  2. Joint Account by two or more persons to be operated by any one or more or survivor/survivors.
  3. Registered Clubs, Associations, Charitable and Religious Institutions – subject to submission of rules,bye-laws and other KYC documents of the authorized.
  4. Co-operative Societies, NGO’s, SHG’s and Farmer Club’s etc-subject to submission of rules, bye-laws and other KYC documents of the authorized.
  5. State and Central Govt. Department’s/ PSU’s/Panchayat Bodies/Municipalities Agencies/Boards and Comities etc -subject to submission of rules,bye-laws and other KYC documents of the authorized.
  6. A HUF, a partnership firm, proprietary concern, charitable institution/Trust, a company or Association etc.

Rate of Interest
The deposit will not be eligible for any interest from the bank.

Deposit receipt
Deposit receipt will be issued incorporating all the necessary information, like pledges etc. In case the deposit receipt is lost, a duplicate receipt will be issued against a letter of request from the depositor or from the party to whom the  instrument is pledged with letter  furnishing an agreement of indemnity agreeing to indemnify the Bank incase of claims from any other person.

Amount of Deposit
Minimum: Rs.500/-  and  Maximum: No limit

Period of Deposit
The deposit is subject to the requirement of depositor. No time limit as such is fixed.

The face value deposit can be encashed after properly discharging the deposit receipt by the party to whom the instrument is pledged.

In-operative Accounts
Accounts in which there are no operations for a period of two years and above from the date of last operation will be treated as inoperative accounts. Service charge at the rate prescribed by the bank is levied on such accounts.